Here are some suggestions of things you can do from the small and simple to the grand and epic. Remember: gratitude can come from your heart, your wallet, your time or your talents… so be inventive as you give thanks.

Globally (Island Wide) “ What can I offer to Bali during my time here?”

Shop with reusable bags and refuse plastic ones. Tell the shopkeeper that you prefer not to accept plastic bags.

Say this: Saya tidak mau tas plastik.

Don’t purchase any drinks in plastic bottles in stores or restaurants. Fill a water bottle and be mindful when ordering in restaurants.

Say this: Saya tidak mau minum pakai botol, saya mau pakai gelas.

Visit Green School in Sibang. Donate to their scholarship fund to help foster a new generation of Balinese citizens who will become green leaders in their local communities.

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of island.

An anti-poverty, not-for-profit organization working with rural communities.

Friends of Asia has set up a comprehensive network of volunteers destination in Bali that can connect you in no time!

Non profit  organization campaigning to promote plastic waste prevention in Bali.

An orphanage set up to provide educational opportunities for the poor children of Bali who otherwise would be able unable to attend school.


 Locally (where you rest your head) “What can I do at my hotel or home to give thanks for all that is done for me?”

1) Learn to speak the language and become more than a spectator and consumer. There are dozens of schools around the island with hourly, weekly or monthly classes in Bahasa Indonesian. Speak up!

2) Express your thanks directly when enjoying a spa treatment; bypass the front desk and give a tip directly to the person who gave you the treatment. This ensures it goes directly to the therapist and you can use this opportunity to strike up a conversation with them.

3) Get to know the staff that is working hard where you are staying. Accept an invitation to a ceremony and sit through the whole thing. If you feel so inspired, offer to contribute to their children’s education, buy them (or their kids) a good scooter helmet or a push bike, or ask them what they might need. The possibilities are endless.

4) Have you ever absentmindedly stepped on one of the small offering baskets you see all over your hotel or villa? These are called ‘canang sari’s’ and are the Balinese way of giving thanks for the richness of life. Sit down one afternoon and try your hand at making one. Be patient while trying to weave those tiny little pieces together, and perhaps you will appreciate them more.


Be a grateful guest. Treat each day on this island with an attitude of gratitude!