Imagine a light or a crystal in your heart and let it grow, radiate. Visualize it radiating from you heart and beyond…and then back.

Begin by lying on your back or sitting up and place your hands on your heart. Tune into your own heartbeat. and remember a time when you felt love-of yourself, of someone or something close to you. Revisit that feeling. How did it make you feel? Feel your heart. Let loving feeling begin to flow through you. Offer love to yourself until you feel nourished. When you feel that your own being is full of love then you can begin to share this feeling with others. Those that you love, and perhaps even those that you don’t.

Simply sit quietly for a short period of time. Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards. Try to watch and remember everything that is happening inside your mind. This is more difficult than it sounds. When you have finished try to write down all the thoughts that came into your mind in that short time. (results?….distant memories, associations, future plans, disconnected ideas,

Visualize water-running through you-different kinds of water in the world (lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, ponds). Take this fluidness through you in your practice. Notice how when I give you this visualization it was simple and clear and you all only thought about water-nothing else. This is what ‘chitta’ is. Chitta can be like a lens or like water-the idea is to perceive- its like saying I am no good at this, I can’t do that etc…they are our stories or chitta-runs lke a program –chitta is the employee and not the boss. In meditation we aim to stand apart from our stories or thought patterns. Yoga is the practice of putting chitta in it’s place.

Take yourself into the future, after this retreat, what do you want to project to others when you get home? What do you want for yourself? What can you let go of? What can you add to your life? What things may block you this week from doing this? One thing to do during this retreat is to show up as best you can for all activities. 90% of success is just showing up. What are you limitations? What can you do within that framework.


Being ‘good’ at something does not necessarily lead you to freedom from fear of failure does it. So looking at someone else doing a shape, a pose, an asana, doesn’t mean much for you and your path, and also doesn’t mean they are struggled in their own practice (they may see someone else doing another pose). Look out for dualistic language (good/bad). I am good at this, bad at that.