San – Idea of the heart/union                         Kapla – a rule that you will follow/possibility

What is it?  A sankalpa is a short sentence, resolve, declaration, intent or phrase about something that is of great importance to you that you would like to achieve in your life. It should come from your core beliefs about who you are, what you believe in and where you want to be. It works on the premise that you are already whole and complete and that you are just articulating what you already know. It is a concise and specific promise to yourself that is stated in the present tense. Do not change your sankalpa until it becomes true.

How to come up with a Sankalpa: (Be ahead of what you want to achieve!)

Keep it short and succinct.

Keep it open ended.

Keep it in the present tense.

Keep it achievable.

Keep it specific.

Keep it positive.        

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help articulate your resolve.

What do I want to achieve?

Do i have a weakness that I would like to overcome?

What will the outcome of this sankalpa bring to my life?

Can my sankalpa unfold without effort?

Does my sankapla align with my core values of who I am?

Do I truly believe this sankalpa can come true?

What am I forgetting in my life that I should try to remember?

What is something I want in my future?

What is my heart’s desire?

Examples of Sankalpas: I see myself as balanced and healthy  /  I am confident and self assured   /   I am free of headaches /    I am safe  /  I am awake at all times   /   I am relaxed and at peace with myself   /   I resolve to stop smoking  /  My immune system is becoming stronger every day / A healthy body is my true nature

Some people will have an immediate sankalpa that comes to mind, while others may take more time to articulate. If you don’t have one today, try this. “I hope that I can articulate a sankalpa for myself soon”.